anyabo - 28, Poltava, Ukraine
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Възраст 28
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Непредубедени, Романтични, Чувствителни, Активни, Обичащи животните, Грижливи, Творчески натури, С чувство за хумор
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About me

Now is one of the most amazing times of the year - winter.
Lots of people do not like winter as it is gloomy, cold, windy, sometimes snowy,
sometimes rainy, but it is a great time as it is the beggining of the new life -
very soon all the nature will be reborn. Also it is time of the miracles -
the New Year and Christmas season when all of the dreams come true. What Christmas
wish do you have? I wish not to be alone next Christmas and New Year, to have
a close person with whom we can have common desires, wishes, hopes, dreams, home;)
I am very domestic, like to read good books, like to cook nice tasty dishes, what about you?

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