bensimplyben - 33, Leipzig, Germany
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Възраст 33
Моите качества са
Обичам купони
Опитай да намериш приятели
Моята първа среща с теб
Във вила в планината
Неща, които ми харесват
Дълги уводни игри
Моите хобита
Ръст 191
Тегло 87
Цвят на очите Grey-Blue
Цвят на косата Light brown
Семейно положение Неомъжена/неженен
Деца No
Пуша No
Пия Понякога
Тук съм за Флирт
Говорими езици -

About me

My languages are German, English, Spanish, Polish, French, Russian and Italian. I love long preludes and long sex when you have the right body for it. My lady should be very endurance and passionate. I do not know about short things. I love good smelling Ladys. You think we fit together well and could have a lot of fun together? Then trust me and tell me. Have you read my profile? Yes, the question I ask consciously, because many letters have questions, which I have already answered in my profile. If so, answer me the question: Would you like to travel with me to the South for a week?

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