luke61 - 58, Sumpter, United states
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About me

Hi😁, I am planning a trip to Romania to visit a friend and surrounding areas to find new friends, maybe find lovers hehe, ultimately find the one.
Thank you for reading my profile. Im a very open man, explorative in every area of life. I am a kind and considerate man. Very romantic, compassionate, tender hearted, attentive, serious and introspective yet social, funny and extroverted...haha yes like 2 sides to the same coin.

My friends describe me as a man's man, strong yet tender hearted, funny, a good loyal friend. Fun to be with. No one believes I'm 58. They think I look mid 40's, act 30's and libido of 20's haha. I love the outdoors, traveling, camping, hunting, fishing. Going to a quaint restaraunt or pub. I love history, beautiful scenery, walks hand in hand, sitting under the stars and talking about dreams and hopes.i like to read, play guitar and sing, table games, golf and am willing to try new things.

I'm looking to make friends, find a travel partner, ultimately find my best friend, wildest lover and soul mate.

I'm sincere in my search, not looking to waisted my or anyone's time playing with one's heart. A heart is too fragile and once given to be cherished and protected. I have a weakness for eastern European women hehe.

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