zahir570 - 41, tunis, Tunisia
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Възраст 41
Моите качества са
Грижливи, Верни, Трудолюбиви, Честни, Отговорни, Весели, Толерантни
Обичам купони
Опитай да намериш приятели
Моята първа среща с теб
Романтична разходка в парка на лунна светлина
Неща, които ми харесват
Дълги уводни игри
Моите хобита
Филми, Четене, Спорт, Пътуване
Ръст 173
Тегло 67
Цвят на очите Black
Цвят на косата Black
Семейно положение Разведен(а)
Деца No
Пуша No
Пия Никога
Тук съм за Брак
Говорими езици English, Française

About me

Hello dear, Excuse me all my beloved and nice women, for now i am not paid member so that i couldn't now reply for your letters or chat with you, but when i become real member i will contact you, i love you my future wife and i will cherish you all of my life..
my hot kisses for you my princesses
In addition, I love to fly like birds in an atmosphere of freedom and spontaneity, and to satisfy this hobby, I usually frequent nature places, like rivers, mountains, beaches and forests I can say also, that I am an easy going person and very down to earth, too I enjoy reading, traveling, eating out, writing poems and watching movies...i am a serious, decent, trustworthy, faithful, loyal,reliable,hardworking, cheerful, optimistic smart and attractive man with an iron dick..mmmm you won't regret it at all my sweeties..!

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